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    OE21TM Our Path to Organizational Excellence  
    OE21TM Organization Excellence for 21st Century 

Looking to improve Organization Results?
Financial, Market, Customer, Operations, Workforce Results


Before you embark on or continue your journey toward finding ways to improve your financial, market, customer, operations, and workforce results, consider this: What is broken?

From my experience with over 370 organizations of all types and sizes I learned that before investing in any software or cloud solutions for organization results improvement applications, it is wise to pause and find out what is not working well today.


To learn what is and is not working now, I suggest you begin by spending a short time comparing your existing performance to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Baldrige Excellence Framework. The NIST Framework has twenty-eight items you need to examine and compare to what your own organization is doing today.


With our OE21 Dashboard and data collection process, you can find out how your organization is performing in less than two days. The OE21 Dashboard image below contains 28 blocks of questions aligned to the NIST Baldrige Framework items.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Figure 1


Our unique arrangement of the 28 blocks is scientific, proven and has our unique bottom-to-top arrangement that tells you where you are now and where you need to go next to move toward success - defined as continuously improving your organization results in all areas of your organization. The blue items are a good place to start.

With my help, on day one, your managers and leaders will spend an average of two hours responding to our web-based data collection process. On day two you will attend a 1-2-hour briefing where I personally show you how your organization is performing in a color coded, fully scored OE21 Dashboard, complete with your own assessment inputs (your numbers, not ours).


Will your dashboard will look like the one below?

OE21 Dashboard WE Blue Boxes.PNG

With our OE21 Dashboard model, I often find problems like the ones shown here in red and yellow.:

Employee Disengagement - Only 3 of 10 employees are productive and actively engaged in work.


High Turnover - 33% do not feel the organization has good career advancement opportunities.


Data Analytics Frustrations – 55% of CEOs believe their company does a poor job of capturing, analyzing, and disseminating important business data needed for improvements


Decision Making Errors - based on inaccurate, outdated, or irrelevant data.


Lack of Total Organization Understanding - managers and leaders often do not get the total organization understanding of what other work units are doing, and live without total organization perspectives


Productivity Barriers - Many organizations have bottlenecks, unrefined business processes, monotonous tasks, and inability to focus on priorities.


People Issues - HR managers face historic people issues, e.g., defining talent needs, finding,  and hiring talent, retention of talent, ineffective teams, high turnover, high disengagement, employee dissatisfaction, poor communications


When you see your own dashboard and view your people’s comments arranged logically, you will be able to peek behind the curtain, uncover the hidden glitches, the misaligned gears, and the frayed edges. Know thy weaknesses and identify thy gaps. Spot your inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and outdated processes. These are the silent organization saboteurs.


Armed with these insights, you will be ready to prioritize your organization results action plans and get moving toward success.


After you attend your own dashboard briefing, you have the option to do nothing, and you owe us nothing.


You also have the option to purchase a copy of your OE21 Dashboard loaded with your people’s ratings and comments. Then you have control and protection of your own data and can run your internal assessments whenever you want. It is a one-time investment of $250 with no monthly/annual fees.

Do you want more of our help to gain momentium? If so, the place to start is Workforce Excellence.


***Be sure to view our Workforce Excellence Program Video.

To get started or learn more, please use my contact form on About Us page to schedule a quick Q/A meeting so I can answer your questions.


Very Respectfully,

Chuck Mitchell, Owner/Managing Director

Alliance for Continuous Improvement (AfCI LLC)

Evidence that the Baldrige Framework Really Works


The OE21 Standards and tools were designed to be fully aligned with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T.) Baldrige Excellence Framework.


The N.I.S.T. web site includes the following links to documents that provide strong evidence that the Baldrige framework is of great value to organizations.

Baldrige 20/20: An Executive's Guide to the Criteria for Performance Excellence


CEO Issue Sheet - Baldrige: Performance Excellence Delivers World-Class Results PDF

Economic Evaluation of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program









                        Baldrige Excellence Framework           OE21 Converts Baldrige into Standards

WHERE OE21 COMES IN - In our 25 years of experience with the Baldrige Framework, we learned how to transform the 370+ Baldrige questions into internal standardized operating procedures and tools that are used to measure and boost the financial, market, customer, operations, workforce, and community results.

WHATS NEW AT AFCI - HR and other organization managers now have a path to become Management Analysts - Workforce Excellence. Learn more



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