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​About our OE21 Founders


Chuck Mitchell, Managing Director,

HPO21 Institute (AfCI LLC) 

Southeast Florida



         Prior to his consulting career, Chuck was a Program Manager in a DOD Programs at Hughes Aircraft (Fullerton, CA) and Interstate Electronics (Anaheim, CA). Chuck also served seven honorable years in the US Navy Submarine force, on a nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine.   

     Following his military experience, Chuck started and successfully operated three management consulting companies beginning in 1984 and continuing today.

      In his early consulting days, he created several successful programs for the advanced project and program managers, including:


  * PA-1 Performance Analyzer – a computer-based program for analysis of large defense and commercial projects licensed to many large defense organizations

  * C/S-Trainer – a 1600+ screen web-based training for complicated defense project management systems used by DoD to audit large defense & commercial projects


     Chuck was the first consultant to guide a major defense contractor (now part of Raytheon) to achieve Tri-Service C/SCSC (Project Management EVMS) Validation in one year (still a record).

     In the early 90s, Chuck was joined in business and marriage by Barbara Mitchell. Together, they hired and managed a programming and consulting staff that created CI-Toolkit – a powerful program used for Continuous Improvement, boosting performance, and participating in Quality Awards Programs. The CI-Toolkit product consisted of a set of sixty (60) standards written as policies, practices, and tools and a complete quality improvement toolkit. 

     Chuck used his strategy consulting skills and CI-Toolkit to help senior executives create Strategic Plans and Management Systems for large government organizations. He received two Military Bronze Coins for Leadership Excellence while consulting at the Arkansas National Guard and US Army base in Okinawa.


     In more recent times, Chuck and Barbara have been hard at work creating a powerful new Internal Consulting Program called OE21TM.     The OE21 program (described on this website) is stated to be the first complete set of standards and decision support tools for Internal Consulting. The OE21 program is being aimed at the global market of over 300M organization managers. 


 Education: Chuck earned a B.S. and Master of Science in Systems Management from, University of Southern California.

Call for High Performance

Barbara and Chuck Maui Hawaii, 1993

Winner High Performance Organization

IPat Salmon CEO Salmon and Sons (center) receiving US Postal Service !st Place Award form Postmaster General 


​High Performance Organization

One of our favorite Success Stories...


We guided Pat Salmon and Sons Trucking Company to win first place over 200+ competitors in the Baldrige-based U.S. Postal Service Supplier Quality Award (1997).

The President of the United States personally congratulated the Salmon Company CEO on this significant accomplishment.

This trucking company had 1000+ drivers and over 1200 vehicles hauling mail for the US Postal Service at the time of the award.

An earlier version of our OE21 program standards and tools played a key role in this engagement. 

The entire process from the start of our engagement until our client submitted their Baldrige-based Award Application was accomplished in less than six months. This was amazing since most Baldrige Award winners spend several years trying to place or win this national award.


Our standards for internal consultants and organizations are on the leading edge today, and we are ready to help any organization take a fast but systematic path to win this award. 

FYI, nobody has ever created anything close to our award-winning high-performance organization standards and tools. 

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