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Results Excellence Scorecard

Your Organization Assessment begins with selecting the right version.


There are several versions of our Results Excellence Scorecard, designed to fit the needs and budgets of various sizes of organizations, from small disadvantaged business enterprises to large enterprises with thousands of workers. 

ACI-Xray Web-based Version - for a larger business, healthcare, government or nonprofit organizations (with 100 to thousands in the workforce) and operating in one or multiple sites. This version includes online web collection of ratings and narratives for 160 questions, delivered in four 40-question surveys to groups of managers associated with leadership, customer, operations or workforce roles.


Each question requires participant ratings (1-5) and narrative suggestions for improvement. The web survey data is imported into the ACI-Xray Dashboard. In organizations with multiple establishment locations (firms), the survey inputs are coded to allow for individual ACI-Xray Dashboards for each location and a master rollup of the total.  


  • Example: A typical organization with 250 to 500 employees and multiple work locations will receive the ACI-Xray web-based services, including pre-launch briefing; monitoring of inputs as they come in; closing of the survey when participants have responded, and importing of survey responses into the ACI-Dashboard shown in the image above. After inputs are imported, we deliver a total summary ACI-Xray. 

The deliverable includes sorting and categorization of responses and expert analysis of results ratings and narratives. The completed ACI-Xray dashboards with survey inputs are delivered to the customer, along with a detailed briefing of results, what they mean and recommendations. The fee for this service is $500.00 USD, payable by credit card using our secure shopping cart.

Just send me an email, and I will set up an online (Zoom) meeting with you and whomever you wish to attend.


Chuck Mitchell, Consulting Director 


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