OE21TM Management Analyst-OE Certification

Our Certification of Managers and Leaders is more valuable to your organization than most other certifications - because we link our certification to implementation and results. 

Certificate CMAOE.JPG

Figure 1 - Example of CMA-OE Certification Certificate

OE21TM High Performing Organization Certification


Our High-Performance Organization Certification is awarded to organizations who successfully implement the OE21 standards and then reach a total organization performance of 80% or higher measured on the OE21 Scorecard. 

Unit 1


Leadership & Strategy Excellence

Unit 2


Customer Excellence

Unit 6



Operational Effectiveness

Certificate HPO21.JPG

Figure 2 - Example of OE21 HPO Certification Certificate

How Our Certification Program Compares


Our OE21 Management Analyst -OE Certification program is designed specifically to give the CEO, other senior leaders, and managers of the organization what they need to boost results: standardized procedures, and decision support tools that lead to significant improvements in overall Results.

The key benefits of our process are unique and found nowhere else. Think about this carefully:

  • How long do you wait for managers to receive training and pass certifications before they actually get to work measuring and boosting results? Six months? One year? Longer?

  • The OE21 Program gets leaders and managers engaged and measuring results on day 1 of the program. The CMA-OE Certifications are earned by implementing: getting work done!.  This approach is a vast improvement over traditional certification processes in which participants study a body of knowledge and test preparation guides and then pass a certification test. 

See the Program page to learn more about OE21 standards and their unique focus teams.