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        OE21TM  for City/Town Government

New OE21 Baldrige Management Program for Municipalities who wish to become a Community of Excellence


Introduction: Since 1995 we have provided our Baldrige Management System, comprised of Organization Innovation and Improvement Training, Procedures and Tools. Our OE21 Program is aligned with the powerful Baldrige Framework platform of Criteria for Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer Focus, Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management, Workforce Focus, Operations Focus, and Results. 

Our customers have been hundreds of organization managers who work every day inside the business, nonprofits and government organizations of all sizes and types (See our Customer list). We systematically turn these organization managers into “Internal Consultants.” We understand their goals, objectives, challenges, desires and success measures. We understand that our methods must be highly efficient to avoid overloading them while they hammer away at their daily workloads. 


About our BaldrigeLive Program for City and Town Government: 

What is OE21? It is a set of standards, each of which is a web page with policy, procedures, process flow, and tools used to meet the standard. What is unique is that each of our standards is 100% aligned to the latest Baldrige Excellence Framework.


As most USA Municipalities know, the Baldrige Framework is the top criteria (pretty much worldwide) to use when it is time for organization assessments, improvements and achieving high performance.


The value of our Program is that we built it on a solid foundation of standardized policy, procedures, and tools – something that other Baldrige training, assessment providers do NOT have. We have done the heavy lifting with translating tough Baldrige Criteria questions into standardized organization policy and procedures!

Why use our Program Approach?  Because our approach is carefully engineered to be efficient and effective – just what City and Town Government leaders need.


Here is a high-level summary of how our program will work for City and Town Governments:

Year 1 – Organization Assessment and Results Boosting

•    Step 1 Assessment - Execute our OE21 Organizational Assessment, based on Baldrige Category 7 Results. The results of this web-based assessment pinpoint today’s performance in sixteen (16) areas of the Baldrige Category 7 Results, which includes results (actual performance estimates) for product and processes, customer focus, workforce focus, leadership, governance results, financial and market results. Learn more about the OE21 Assessment (ACI-Xray).

•    Step 2 Begin Creating the Baldrige Management System – In this step your City or Town organization managers (department and work unit heads) will be trained and coached to implement our Baldrige-based standards, to measure, improve and accelerate performance in all key results defined in the Baldrige Framework Category 7. Online meetings with organization managers are provided to help them learn, implement and begin to execute our Baldrige-based standards which lead them toward improvements and results boosting in four key areas:

a. WORKFORCE (satisfaction, capability, capacity, and performance)

b. OPERATIONS (management of processes, projects, administration, quality, and risks)

c. CUSTOMER (satisfaction and value experienced by City/Town customers who represent children, youth, adults, seniors, and visitors as well as key stakeholders in a larger business, health care, educational institutions, religion, and fine arts, and others

d. LEADERSHIP (financial performance, market/revenue performance, strategic plan accomplishment, and leadership contributions and value)


e. COMMUNITY (value to community alliance of key government, small to large business, healthcare, educational and nonprofit organizations)



Year 2 – Implement the full Baldrige Management System (All OE21 Standards)

•    Step 3 Finish Implementing the Baldrige Management System – In year two, the City or Town organization managers will implement the remaining of the OE21 standards and tailor them to fit existing or desired City/Town Government procedures and processes. The availability of Intranet-based standardized policies, procedures, and tools, all of which enable Baldrige Framework Learning and Integration. 


•    Step 4 – Participate in State and National Baldrige Award Programs – Having finished Step 3, and if sufficient progress in Learning and Integration are ongoing, the City/Town Organization is in a wonderful position to apply for and win or become close finalists in State and National Baldrige Award Programs. From our experience, the organization will be proud of what it has accomplished at this point. At the end of year two, we help your Municipality create and submit the State or National Application for Baldrige Award Programs. This puts a spotlight on your Municipality, and sets the stage for branding as a Community of Excellence!


For more information about the Community of Excellence national program see COE 2016

•    Step 5 – Implement a Community of Excellence – After your Municipality is recognized as a major participant in Baldrige Award Programs, we help your become a Community of Excellence. At this point, we add special community of excellence standards to your Baldrige Management System. We can help position your organization to play a key role in the new national Community of Excellence 2026 Program

GET STARTED NOW: We know your City/Town Government Leaders will have Questions. We expect your questions to include things like: 

•    What does OE21 cost? 
•    How long with it take? 
•    How much time per manager will it take? 
•    What is the real Value and ROI? 
•    What references do you have? 
•    Can we see a demo of the HPO21 Baldrige Management System?


We will be very happy to talk with your City or Town Leaders and Managers to provide solid answers to all these questions. Just send me an email, and I will set up an online (Zoom) meeting with you and whomever you wish to attend. You set the date and time, as well as the length of the meeting.

Chuck Mitchell, Consulting Director AfCI LLC






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