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OE21TM Internal Consulting Training

for USA Veterans and Spouses    

Unit 1


Leadership & Strategy Excellence

Unit 6



Operational Effectiveness


We understand that each year over 250,000 vets are discharged into the civilian job market and over 200,000 of them have no jobs lined up. Many vets find that landing that first job is extremely challenging and frustrating. Moreover, many vets and their families don’t have the money to pay for professional help in the job market, especially once the military pay and benefits run out. 


  • Are you one of these job seekers?

  • Is your job capture strategy working, and if not, do you know why?

  • Are you open to a new strategy that clearly differentiates you from other job seekers?


We want to help. Being a veteran myself (U.S. Submarine Service) I appreciate the sacrifices that military people and their spouses have made for the USA. My way of thanking you for your service is to offer to train some of you to be far more capable (and different) from many other job-seekers you are competing with. 


If you have an interest in landing a job and moving quickly up the management chain then you may want to register for my new Internal Consulting Program. For qualified vets or their spouses, it’s free. Absolutely $0.


Here are the basic veteran or spouse-of-veteran qualifications we are looking for:


(1) VETERANS: You achieved a rank of E-5 or above (enlisted) or O-2 or above (officer) with an honorable discharge

(2) SPOUSES OF VETERANS: You have earned a B.A or B.S. (or higher) in Business or other fields that meet the basic qualifications listed in Figure 1 Management Analyst

(3) VETERANS OR SPOUSES: You have an interest in jobs similar to what the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook describes as a Management Analyst. 


See Figure 1  What Management Analysts Do. (Be sure to read this if you have doubts that you can do this). 



Figure 1 - What Management Analysts Do - from BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook

EXPERIENCE IS HELPFUL BUT IS NOT A PREREQUISITE: If you match our qualifications listed above but lack the experience, we think we can help you by training you to be an INTERNAL CONSULTANT. FYI, the training process is like a six-week college class. You will attend online training (2 hours/week; six weeks). You will receive assignments that aid your learning. When you complete the course and pass the test, you will receive the following Certification: ASSOCIATE INTERNAL CONSULTANT.  Later on, you can earn other Internal Consulting Certifications as you gain experience in the organizations that hire you.


WE HAVE TRAINED THOUSANDS OF ACTIVE MILITARY - SOME OF THE BEST WERE VETERANS. Take a look at our Customers (U.S. MIlitary & Support Sites). Many of our military and veteran customers used our internal consulting standardized procedures and decision support tools to successfully complete their Military Unit Assessments. Others used our training and tools to implement continuous improvement projects in their organizations. Some of these military units went on to win Military Quality Awards. Some of these Military Quality Awards came with funding. 


Believe me, I myself have operated as a successful Management Analyst (also known as Management Consultant) for over thirty years. My earnings always exceeded over 150K/year and some years I earned far more - in the high six-figure range. (See About Us). Along the way, my wife and co-owner hired a number of people and the best ever were veterans who rolled up their sleeves and completed my training. We also trained a good number of management consultants. You can be next!


OUR STRATEGY IS TO TRAIN YOU TO BE AN INTERNAL CONSULTANT  - After you finish our one-of-a-kind OE21 Internal Consulting Program, we refer you to nonprofit organizations that will help you land the job using their job networks and connections. Some of these nonprofits may refer you to this free program.


So I will do my part and train you without asking you for a dollar. You do your part and attend my training and do your best. When you complete the course I will sign your ASSOCIATE INTERNAL CONSULTANT Certificate and then notify the nonprofit organizations that referred you to my course and tell them you are ready for their assistance in your job search. I will suggest you add your Certificate and Resume Attachment to your existing resume or CV. If I receive any calls from organizations considering your employment, I will be happy to explain the benefits of them hiring a person with this awesome Internal Consulting training.


So, if you like this idea, ask yourself: “What have I got to lose?” 


Some of  you may ask: “What’s in this for you, Chuck?” Well, besides trying to help you land a job, I always look forward to the possibility that the organization that hires you may want to contact me at some point, to send some of their managers to my course. If they do, I will charge them my normal organization fee which is $1200 base plus $100 per manager. (Now you know the value of the training I offer to you).


If you want to kick this around, send me an email: 


Very Respectfully,

Chuck Mitchell, Consulting Director

AfCI LLC, dba HPO21 Institute

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