OE21TM Course 1 Introduction to   Organization Excellence













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Course 1 Organization Excellence System 

WHO BENEFITS: All Senior Leaders and Managers of Business, Nonprofits, and Government organizations. Course 1 is a prerequisite to OE21 Courses 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.





Course 1 provides the foundation for understanding Organization Excellence. Course 1 motivates the participants to learn and understand the amazing benefits of guiding all leaders and managers to be engaged, aligned, and focused on measuring and boosting RESULTS, including financial, market, customer, product/service, operational work processes, operational effectiveness, efficiency, workforce satisfaction, engagement, development, and rewards-based performance and innovation. 


  • A.1 OE21 Setup, Introduction to Organization Excellence (OE) and Focus Teams -View A.1 Introduction Video, assign focus team responsibilities, and implement this OE21 standard. 

  • P.1 Organization Description - Apply this standard to describe product/service offerings, mission, vision, values, workforce profile, assets, regulatory requirements, and organizational relationships. The P.1 document is useful to share the organization description with all workforce members and selected customer and stakeholder groups. The organization's INTRANET is ideal for this sharing objective.

  • B.1 Organization Excellence Assessment - Assign focus team responsibilities, and implement this standard. The standard includes four (4) data collection survey inputs to the OE21 Results Dashboard. The OE21 Results Dashboard pinpoints current organization weaknesses and strengths, using a color-coded and numerical rating score system. 

  • 4.1a Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement of Organizational Performance - Select initial metrics (KPIs) for leadership, customer, operations, and workforce performance results. Collect KPI data,  input it into the OE21 Performance Measurement model, review KPIs, and perform analysis and correlation. Use Key Results Drivers (KRDs) to improve performance toward target (future) goals

  • 4.2  Information and Knowledge Management -  Apply valid and timely information critical to the organization's knowledge sharing and success. Apply the OE21 system of standards and decision support tools to support information and knowledge management. Use an Intranet to collect, publish, and share information and knowledge.  



  • B.1-LFT-SI Leadership Excellence Results (survey)

  • B.1-LFT-S2 Customer Excellence Results (survey)

  • B.1-LFT-S3 Operations Excellence Results (survey)

  • B.1-LFT-S4 Workforce Excellence Results (survey)

  • P.1-LFT-S Organizational Profile Part 1 (survey)

OE21 DECISION SUPPORT TOOLS (.xlsx and .pdf files)

  • Baldrige Framework Criteria Commentary (.pdf)

  • B.1-LFT-A Results Excellence Dashboard (.xlsx)

  • 4.1-LFT-M Metrics Selection Tables (.xlsx)


Objective 1OE21 SYSTEM SETUP (Access to web-based OE21 standards and tools) - This is when the organization selects its participants in the OE21 Program and sets ups OE21 online access, logins, and participant roles (administrator, view/edit, view only). Participants are assigned to OE21 Implementation Teams.  

  • Leadership Focus Team - Executives and Senior Leaders complete Module 5 Leadership and Strategy Excellence

  • Customer Focus Team - Marketing, Sales, and CRM managers complete Module 4 Customer Excellence


  • Operations Focus Team (Key Processes) - Assigned to Module 3 Operations Key Processes.


  • Operations Focus Team (Support Processes) Assigned to Module 2 Operations Support Processes.


  • Workforce Focus Team - Workforce Managers (HR, TD, Work Unit Managers) assigned to Module 1 Workforce Excellence

Objective 2   - P.1 ORGANIZATION DESCRIPTION  - View the OE21 Standard P.1 Organizational Description video.  The participants (all focus team members) collaborate in preparing the P.1 data collection survey for launch. Launch the survey to the subject matter experts who contribute inputs to this key document. 

When completed, the OE21 certification coach conducts a P.1 Organizational Description review and provides feedback and suggestions to the focus teams. At this point, the organization has a draft description of its product/service offerings, mission, vision, values statements, workforce profile, assets lists, regulatory requirements, organization structure (org chart), and a list of customers, stakeholders, and suppliers or partners. It is assumed that the organization will update and finalize this key document on its own schedule. Once this content is ready, it is approved by the senior leaders, then published on the organization's non-public INTRANET. 

Objective 3 - B.1 ORGANIZATION EXCELLENCE ASSESSMENT  - View the OE21 Standard B.1 introductory video. The participants (all focus team members) collaborate to implement the B.1 Organization Excellence Assessment. The  team participants use the OE21 tools to complete these milestones:

  • Milestone 1 - OE21 Focus Teams Staffed    

  • Milestone 2 - OE21 B.1 Surveys Conducted 

  • Milestone 3 - OE21 B.1. Surveys Imported into Dashboard

  • Milestone 4 - OE21 B.1. Dashboard Narratives Analyzed    

  • Milestone 5 - OE21 B.1 Future Assessments Scheduled    

  • Milestone 6 - OE21 Standards Implementation Scheduled    

  • Milestone 7 - Briefing on B.1_Results_Excellence_Dashboard  

When completed, the OE21 certification coach conducts a review of the B.1 Organization Excellence Assessment and provides feedback and suggestions to the focus teams. At this point, the B.1 Results Excellence Dashboard is fully loaded with all results and narrative inputs. The organization now has an initial estimate of its overall performance in key performance areas (satisfactory, marginal, and unsatisfactory). This assessment will be repeated annually to show year-over-year progress.

Objective 4 4.1 MEASUREMENT/ANALYSIS/PERFORMANCE (Metrics) - View the OE21 Standard 4.1 introductory video. Implement the 4.1 Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement of Performance. The participants (all focus team members) collaborate to select initial key results indicators (KRIs).


Note: Many organizations refer to KRIs as key performance indicators (KPIs). The OE21 standards also use the term key results drivers (KRDs). The KRDs are separate trend chart metrics that are used to help drive KRI measures toward target values. It is useful to correlate KRDs with KRIs. 

The team participants use the OE21 tools to complete these milestones:

  • Milestone 1 - Selection of Performance Measures (KRIs and KRDs)   

  • Milestone 2 - Selection of Comparative Measures (benchmarks)    

  • Milestone 3 - Implement Measurement Agility    

  • Milestone 4 - Performance Analysis and Reviews    

When completed, the OE21 certification coach conducts a review of the 4.1 Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement of Performance outputs and provides feedback and suggestions to the focus teams. At this point, the organization has a good start on selecting its most important KRIs and is ready for regular monthly performance reviews.


Objective 5 4.2 INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT - The OE21 certification coach introduces the OE21 Standard 4.2 Information and Knowledge Management. The participants (all focus team members) collaborate to create or improve the organization's non-public INTRANET website.  The team participants use the OE21 tools to complete these milestones:

  • Milestone 1 - Implement OE21 Intranet Setup and Access (accomplished before Week 1)    

  • Milestone 2 - Milestone 3 - Enable Availability of Data and Information    

  • Milestone 4 - Review and Enable OE21 Knowledge Management    


When completed, the OE21 certification coach conducts a review of the 4.2 Information and Knowledge Management outputs and provides feedback and suggestions to the focus teams. At this point, the organization has a non-public INTRANET that now contains OE21 references and links.