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OE21TM Step 3 Operations 
Process Excellence


OE21 Step 3 Operations Process Excellence


Prequisites for Step 3:

  • Successful completion of OE21 Courses 1 and 2

  • Payment of OE21 License Fee

  • Optional Consulting/Coaching paid hourly on as-needed basis 


  • Organization Leaders and Managers (business, nonprofits, government organizations)

  • Human Resource Managers and CHROs

  • Organizations who wish to participate in preparing for Baldrige Award Programs

  • Managers employed in business, nonprofit or government organizations

  • Internal Consultants employed in business, nonprofit or government organizations

  • Individuals seeking to become Management Analysts with a specialty in Organization Excellence

  • Military active or veterans seeking to become Management Analysts (Organization Excellence)


  • Understand the process used by a professional management analyst to guide organization leaders and managers through implementing the following OE21 Process Excellence Processes

  • Understand the purpose of 6.2a1 Process Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Understand the purpose of 6.2a2 Project Management

  • Understand the purpose of 6.2b1 Security Management

  • Understand and explain the purpose of 6.2b2 Cybersecurity Management

  • Understand and explain the purpose of 6.2c Safety and Business Continuity

  • Understand and explain how OE21 Processes 6.2a1, 6.2a2, 6.2b1, 6.2b2 and 6.2c contribute to improvement of 7.1b Process Results (Baldrige Excellence Framework Item 7.1) 



A - Commence Implementation of the following processes and OE21 models:

  • 6.2a1 Process Efficiency and Effectiveness 

  • 6.2a2 Project Management

  • 6.2b1 Security Management

  • 6.2b2 Cybersecurity Management

  • 6.2c Safety and Business Continuity

  • 7.1b Process Results

B - Downloads (from this site) OE21 Toolkits for 6.2a1, 6.2a2, 6.2b1, 6.2b2, 6.2c and 7.1b, including:

  • 6.2a1 Process Efficiency and Effectiveness (.xlsx model) with example data

  • 6.2a2 Project Management (.xlsx model) with example project data

  • 6.2b1 Security Management Analysis (.xlsx model) with example survey data

  • 6.2b2 Cybersecurity Management (.xlsx model) with example survey data

  • 6.2c Safety and Business Continuity (.xlsx model with example survey data

  • 7.1b Process Excellence Results (.xlsx model) with example measures and targets

About Downloads: After payment of OE21 Licens`e fee you receive access to protected course downloads page. 

C - Implement OE21 Toolkits and Baldrige-Aligned Standards - After you complete this implementation, your participants receive a OE21 Management Analyst Implementation Certificate for Process Excellence. 

Next Step: Proceed to Step 4

Figure 3-1 below presents an example Trend Chart for Process Results. 

6.1 Process Effectiveness.PNG

Figure 3-1 Example OE21 Trend Chart for Operational Effectiveness Results. 

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