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OE21TM Course 3 Operations 
Process Excellence


OE21 Course 3 Operations Process Excellence

Availability: February 1, 2023 - Live Instructor Online Sessions


  • Organization Leaders and Managers (business, nonprofits, government organizations)

  • Organizations who wish to participate in preparing for Baldrige Award Programs

  • Managers employed in business, nonprofit or government organizations

  • Internal Consultants employed in business, nonprofit or government organizations

  • Individuals seeking to become Management Analysts with a specialty in Organization Excellence

  • Military active or veterans seeking to become Management Analysts (Organization Excellence)


  • Understand the process used by a professional management analyst to guide organization leaders and managers through implementing the following OE21 Process Excellence Processes

  • Understand the purpose of 6.2a1 Process Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Understand the purpose of 6.2a2 Project Management

  • Understand the purpose of 6.2b1 Security Management

  • Understand and explain the purpose of 6.2b2 Cybersecurity Management

  • Understand and explain the purpose of 6.2c Safety and Business Continuity

  • Understand and explain how OE21 Processes 6.2a1, 6.2a2, 6.2b1, 6.2b2 and 6.2c contribute to improvement of 7.1b Process Results (Baldrige Excellence Framework Item 7.1) 


PREQUISITES for Course 3

  • Successful completion of OE21 Course 2 

  • Payment of OE21 Course 3 Fee (see OE21 Pricing page)

CURRICULUM (Sequence: Online Lectures, Downloads, Toolkits Practice, Quiz)

A - Attend OE21 Course 3 Online Lectures - After meeting Prerequisites for Course 3 you receive schedules for the following OE21 Course 3 Lectures:

  • 6.2a1 Process Efficiency and Effectiveness 

  • 6.2a2 Project Management

  • 6.2b1 Security Management

  • 6.2b2 Cybersecurity Management

  • 6.2c Safety and Business Continuity

  • 7.1b Process Results

About OE21 Course 3 Online Lecture Schedules - Process Excellence lectures (45 minutes) are scheduled Tuesday at 10AM and repeated at 2PM USA Eastern Standard Time. All lectures for this course are scheduled to start the first week of the month and completed by the last week of the Month. In other words, you should finish Process Excellence training in one month. IF you miss a lecture, you should attend the lecture on the following month.   

B - Downloads (from this site) OE21 Toolkits for 6.2a1, 6.2a2, 6.2b1, 6.2b2, 6.2c and 7.1b, including:

  • 6.2a1 Process Efficiency and Effectiveness (.xlsx model) with example data

  • 6.2a2 Project Management (.xlsx model) with example project data

  • 6.2b1 Security Management Analysis (.xlsx model) with example survey data

  • 6.2b2 Cybersecurity Management (.xlsx model) with example survey data

  • 6.2c Safety and Business Continuity (.xlsx model with example survey data

  • 7.1b Process Excellence Results (.xlsx model) with example measures and targets

About Downloads: After payment of Course fee you receive access to protected course downloads page. 

C - Practice input of changes to data into OE21 Toolkits; observe Analysis changes

  • Practice changing data and observing results in downloaded models listed above

D - Online Quizzes: A quiz is administered after each Course Lecture and after students practice exercise inputs of changes to data within the Downloaded OE21 Toolkits. Individual Quizzes must be passed for Lectures 6.2a1, 6.2a2, 6.2b1, 6.2b2, 6.2c, 6.2c, and 7.1b including what was learned from toolkit practice exercises.  

Course 3 Training Certificate - Once you complete Curriculum item A, B, C, and D described above, you receive a OE21 Management Analyst Training Certificate for Process Excellence.  

Next Step: After completing Curriculum Items A, B, C and D. you may proceed to Course 4

Figure 6-1 below presents an example Trend Chart for Process Results. 

6.1 Process Effectiveness.PNG

Figure 6-1 Example OE21 Trend Chart for Operational Effectiveness Results. 


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