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Step 1 - Beginning December 2023, Go to our Applied Management Program on Udemy and get your best Training Discount Prices for OE21 Courses 1 and 2. The selling price per student for OE21 Online Training Courses Parts 1 and and 2 is determined by Udemy, and will be based on our suggested price per student of $250.00 The new OE21 Udemy Training Course will be published and available in December 2023 on

NOTICE: You will see a special pricing offer when OE21 Courses 1 and 2 are published and available. This offer includes OE21 Courses 1 and 2 training plus OE21 Site License in a single purchase, with a minimum number of managers enrolling. Look for this offer in early December 2023. . 

Step 2 - After you begin training your managers and if you decide to move ahead to get the OE21 Site License to use all OE21 processes, surveys and tools then we need your additional information request by Email to the OE21 program director and developer: Chuck Mitchell Email:

Learn more by browsing our FAQs:

Q1 - What type of organization is the OE21 Management Analyst-OE program designed for?

  • Business, Nonprofits, Healthcare, and Government organizations with at least 20 employees..

Q2 - How do I enroll participants in the program?

  • Send an email to and tell us your company name and the number of participants you would like to enroll. We will direct you to Udemy for Courses 1 and 2 to get started.

 Q3 - How does the Site License Work? (34 OE21 Standards and 60+ Decision Support Tools)?

  • As soon as the Site License Agreement is executed, we will ask for a contact person at your organization responsible for publishing files and content on your organization's Intranet (non-public pages). We will transfer a copy of all Decision Support Tools (spreadsheet models, documents and surveys) to your contact person. We will assist them online in setting up a special OE21 web page containing links to all tools. 

Q4 - Do participants have the option to attend regular online meetings with the OE21 consultant/coach? (Yes and on a hour-by-hour basis as needed. We will provide our quote in advance. If you decide to use our optional online coaching and consulting services, we will follow this process:

  • Implementation Consulting/Coaching - Although the OE21 program is designed to be self-paced, with no training other than Courses 1 and 2 on Udemy platform, we suggest you have at least one manager from each of the four focus teams attend a 30-minute introductory meeting and another 30 minute walk through of the surveys and spreadsheet models before starting each of the 34 standards. This is a more efficient implementation start.

  • Certification Meetings - After your focus teams have implemented each of the OE21 standards, at least one or two of your manager participants must attend a 1 to 1.5-hour online Certification Meeting hosted by our consultant/coach. At this meeting, our certification consultants will ask you to walk us through the results of the implementation (e.g. what surveys were conducted, how many participants per survey, what analysis reports display after survey data are input, what conclusions or action plans were prepared. The result of this meeting is a pass or no-pass condition, decided by our certification auditor. If the condition is "pass" then your team proceeds ahead to the next OE21 standard. If the condition is "no pass" then your teams must take action to correct whatever deficiencies were discovered. 


Q5  - How much time will participants spend completing the Management Analyst Certification Program?


  • From our years of experience with earlier OE21 models, we expect your participants to spend 1-2 hours per week over a six- to eight-month period. Your organization may speed up or slow down their progress. In high workload weeks, then your completion progress is likely to be slower. We do not set the completion date. This is up to your organization.

Q6 - What requirements must participants meet to complete implementation and certification?

  • A good PC, high-speed internet connection, and access to Microsoft Office Suite 365 (Excel and  Survey Methods are required. (See for capabilities and pricing). 

Q7 - Can I view a demo of the OE21 Program online before I decide to purchase the program?

  • Of course. Just send a requesting Email to and include your organization's name, site location, and the number of employees at that site. 


.Q8 - Who issues the Management Analyst Certifications? 

  • Udemy issues a Training Completion Certification for Courses 1 and 2.

  • Those organizations that fully implement OE21 will be certified by your CEO or President (not some remote and costly certification organization). We will be happy to explain the benefits of this unique certification approach. Just send an email to  

More Questions? Please email them to

How many organizations have used earlier versions of our standards and tools?  See our Customers list

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