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 OE21TM Our Path to Organizational Excellence      OE21TM Organization Excellence for 21st Century - Our framework for Workforce Excellence


Figure 1 

PURPOSE OF THE WORKFORCE EXCELLENCE PROGRAM: To transform HR and other Organization Managers into internal management analysts specializing in workforce excellence. Transformation includes implementation of new OE21 workforce excellence analysis and data collection models. Significantly improved workforce capability, capacity, employee retainment, engagement, productivity, quality, cost-effectiveness, and innovations are expected outcomes after the Workforce Excellence program is implemented.

PROGRAM APPROACH AND VALUE: As shown in Figure 1, the program is delivered as downloadable analysis models and surveys that are aligned with the N.I.S.T. Baldrige Excellence Framework items: P.1, P.2, 4.1, 4.2, 5.1 and 5.2., considered by many as the world’s top performance excellence criteria and guidelines for workforce excellence.  

NEW MANAGER AND ORGANIZATION CERTIFICATIONS: Figure 1 shows that HR and other Organization Managers who successfully complete the program are certified by the organization’s CEO and AfCI LLC, as CMA-WE (Certified Management Analyst-Workforce Excellence). When all workforce excellence items are fully implemented, the organization receives a certificate of organizational excellence from AfCI LLC. 

EXPECTED OUTCOMES: for Business, Non-Profits, Health Care and Government Organizations:

Significantly improved workforce capability, capacity, employee retainment, engagement, productivity, quality, cost-effectiveness, and innovations are expected outcomes after the Workforce Excellence program is implemented. These outcomes will be experienced by a growing percentage of the organizations who operate in  AFPE state and regions each year. The Workforce Excellence Program is positioned to attract many new participants as the program gains recognition.


PROGRAM COACHING AND ADVISORY:  Chuck Mitchell (Owner/Director AfCI LLC) coaches your HR and other Organization Managers and provides them with the OE21© Workforce Excellence web-based tools and processes through our applied management process. Mr. Mitchell functions as advisor to your organization, for the first year of the program.

VIDEO - OE21 WORKFORCE EXCELLENCE INTRODUCTION - This video is a demo that introduces the Workforce Excellence Program and tools used for measuring and improving workforce capability, capacity, employee retainment, engagement, productivity, quality, cost-effectiveness, innovation and performance-based rewards. 


PROGRAM INVESTMENT: Our Workforce Excellence Program costs $100 per Manager for OE21 Workforce Excellence tools, plus $200 per hour for fifteen (one-hour) Webinars that facilitate live implementation. Note that Zoom platform Webinars are limited to twenty people and larger organizations require additional Webinars. Contact C. Mitchell at for a price quote and details.

QUESTIONS? Contact Chuck Mitchell via email:

MORE INFORMATION - To learn more scroll down below Figure 2.

OE21 Dashboard WE Blue Boxes.PNG

Figure 2 - OE21 DASHBOARD

Workforce Excellence Program in blue


SYSTEMS PERSPECTIVE - After hundreds of implementations, AfCI LLC has found that the bottom-to-top arrangement of the Baldrige Items, as shown in the Dashboard above, is the most effective systems approach. We also discovered that the 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, and 5.2 items are the first to implement, giving the client an encouraging Rapid Head Start. This led to the creation of the new Workforce Excellence Program (blue shaded blocks in the OE21 Dashboard. 


The following steps are recommended for the sequence of implementation.:


  • Implementing P.1, P.2, 4.1, and 4.2 provides the workforce with the information, knowledge, and results excellence measurement system needed by the workforce and senior leadership..

  • Implementing 5.1a, 5.1b, 5.2a, 5.2b, and 5.2c enables the workforce to measure, analyze, improve, and reward higher productivity, engagement, quality, cost/schedule performance, and innovation.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Our experience is that once you achieve workforce excellence all the other blocks in the Dashboard tend to improve, for example:


  • A high-performing workforce designs and improves key work processes and effectively manages operations, as necessary to deliver high-quality products and services at competitive prices.


  • Customers purchase high-quality products and services, and their higher satisfaction and loyalty create more revenue and market share.


  • Adding revenue and market share helps senior leaders accomplish their mission, vision, and values. Keeping focus on high performance.helps in implementing Strategy to stay ahead of competitors. Over time, the organization becomes a role model for comparative organizations and the community.

SELECTIVE PRESCRIPTIVE APPROACH - AfCI LLC’s organization excellence assessment quickly determines whether or not the client has existing approaches responsive to Baldrige Items 1 to 6, plus a reasonable estimate of current results. In cases where no existing process for measuring, analyzing, improving, and learning exists, we prescribe the appropriate models from our OE21 library of data collection and analysis models. In cases where the client has good processes in place, we make sure they are documented and deployed well. 

EVIDENCE THAT OUR SELECTIVE PRESCRIPTIVE APPROACH WORKS - Many of our Army, Navy and Air Force customers won Baldrige-based Unit Self Assessment awards, some came with funds. One of our large shipyard clients was a finalist in the Presidents Quality Award. Our large trucking company client in Arkansas won first place in the Baldrige-based Postal Service Supplier Quality Awards. Most of Americas SBDC network uses our  Balrige-based model for their Accreditation. See Customers.  

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